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    October 27, 2013
    11:00 - 12:01am PDT  

make the weekend pop. a tree crashes into a house injurying someone inside. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. in the last hour, there's been
a wind advisory issued in the area. >> reporter: this is a house, this is a dead oak tree that was blown over by the wind around 6:30 tonight and some of the branches crashed through the roof. so you can see, the inside of this house had a problem with branches coming through and a man and a baby were sitting on the bench when those branches came crashing through. the man had to be taken to the hospital. he had scratches on his arm and back. fortunately they were not serious injuries. the baby is fine. but as you can imagine, his mother is very nervous tonight. i saw my boyfriend and he was hugging my baby. and so, he got out and i told
him what was wrong and i saw his shirt ripped off. then when i saw the big stick i got scared. i freaked out. then we called the ambulance and everything came. >> reporter: fire crews just left this house. they have removed the tree from this roof. there's a contractor here on scene to patch this up so this family can go back to its business. they have been kind of out of sorts for the past several hours as you can imagine, many families in this area have been affected by the wind. just a few minutes ago, i'm trying to get out of the way. just a few minutes ago the fire crew had to leave on another call likely caused by wind as well. they say they've been busy since about 8:00 this afternoon and expect to be running all night. patti lee, ktvu news. well those same gusty winds
blew down a scaffolding in front of a store. we've had breezy conditions all day long. but the strongest wind kicking up this evening. the weather service issuing that advisory. winds easily topping the gusts 30 miles per hour. from the peak gusts from the day today very impressive. we have a strong gusty wind still strong throughout the area. about an hour ago that's 54- miles-an-hour. ocean beach 51-miles-an-hour at the north end. oakland at 50. napa 41 and concord 31 miles per hour. these are the peak gusts but still very windy out there right now. as a result we do have that wind advisory issued for most of the bay area except out into the santa clara area. so here's the over all set up.
in fact, with current wind speeds out there, you will notice not everybody picking up the strong winds, santa rosa winds at 3 miles per hour. these are sustained reports but look at oakland a completely different story. winds out of the west at 38 miles per hour here. and winds out of the southwest and concord at 21 miles per hour. and also fairfield at 21 miles per hour. san jose just picking up over the past hour or so. sfo at 32 miles per hour. weather system is up to our north. that will bring big changes to our forecast for tomorrow. coming up in 30 minutes we'll take a look at this. we'll let you know when that wind advisory expires. monday fire chances and more snow up in the sierra. trees toppling over on to power lines cause a power outage tonight in vallejo. originally 5,500 customers lost power that was in the north central part of vallejo. all the power was restored as of 5:30. we also got word of an outage
where patti lee just was. high winds have caused another outage this one on treasure island. here's a live picture of treasure island. you see lights are on. the island was dark about 7:00 tonight about 2,000 people live on ti. the san francisco public utilities commission says crews have been working to get power restored and we just got a call a few minutes ago from a resident on treasure island who said his power came on just before 10:00. as you can see from that picture lights were on. for more information on the wind related incidents all over the area and the power outages you can log on to we are learning more details about a suspect who shot at police. police released that before he
fired at them, he fired at another man. >> reporter: there's more details to the story. the first is a pistol whipping at a bank. police found him near castro valley. the suspect he ran north into the neighborhood and that's where police confronted him and shot him at least once. >> san francisco marina neighborhood is a web of crime tape. >> it was terrifying. >> reporter: it's where police shot a man around 12:30 this afternoon. natalie acevedo lives near neorca. >> they were clearly looking for somebody. >> i drove around the corner and i heard the gunshots and people were running away from the gunshots. i had to run to get something and that's when i saw the man on the street. >> reporter: the man emerged from the bushes. >> several officers discharged the weapons. the suspect was hit at least
one time. >> reporter: chief of police greg suhr says the suspect did not return fire. some witnesses heard five to six gunshots. others stepped outside and found a swarm of officers. >> we're all going to be shaken up. it's surreal this could happen here. >> reporter: what ended in a neighborhood started a few blocks south at the busy intersection of pierce. >> adult latin male suspect was striking the other male on the ground about the head with a firearm. >> reporter: the suspect ran north on tolino toward the area where police caught him in the bushes. the beating victim took off as well. jumping into a blue vehicle with a female driver. >> thankfully everybody is safe in the neighborhood and we're safe. >> reporter: i'm told the man who was attacked by the atm has
cuts on his head. he is cooperating with detectives. live in san francisco, katie utehs. more details now, the officer involved shooting in san francisco today was one of several across the area this past week. sonoma county sheriff's deputy shot andy lopez on tuesday. lopez turned a replica ak37 assault rifle toward the deputies. today lopez family held a memorial for lopez. also police shot and killed ryan solanga. it happened on poplar. solanga's uncle said he was unarmed. this was his first deadly officer involved shooting in san bruno in two decades. and in union city, police shot and killed 47-year-old timothy lopez on monday night. the officers say they opened
fire because lopez who was a parolee did not comply with officers orders. they said lopez was armed with a pipe and threatened them. this was the third officer involved shooting in union city this year. new information now about that castro valley nursing home that is now empty. sheriff deputies found more than a dozen residents some of them bedridden abandoned yesterday. tonight we're looking at the home's troubled past. officials ordered management to close that facility. why workers apparently walked out. >> the crime scene tape means this is as close as one can get to valley manor on apricot way. you can barely make a note on the door in bold it says closed for business. deputies evacuated people
living in the home. a cook said he was one of three employees still working, all unpaid. we tried to talk to the owner emmanuel but got no answer. >> we received word of the temporary suspension order we began transferring residents we have transferred approximately 10 residents through and including friday. >> reporter: the residents received state assistance which made finding new homes for difficult. the state of california suspended a license here at valley manor and two other facilities owned by this company one in modesto the other in oakland. however that oakland location has changed its name and gone
under new ownership sometime within the past year. >> how can somebody do that? we're talking about human beings. how can you just abandon them. >> my clients haven't done anything wrong. they tried to follow their obligations in accordance with the law. >> reporter: the attorney says his client is getting out of the nursing home business. ken pritchett, ktvu news. one of the most influential singer-song writers of a generation has died. lou reed died today at the age of 71. he's been called father of indy rock a punk poet who broke ground for the new wave punk and alternative wave movement of the 1970s, 80s an 90s. deena toley takes a look at his
life and legacy. >> reporter: singer song writer and guitarist lou reed has died. reed was the legendary leader of the 60s cult bound velvet underground successfully opening rock music to the avant- garde. reed said he loved making the music he called beautiful. >> i'm trying to make something that is really simple. make something i would listen to. >> reporter: reed was sober since the 1980s following decades of hard partying. he thrived as a solo artist. he stayed true to his roots. >> everything that matters is out of new york. everybody knows that. >> reporter: fame awarded reed with many opportunities, including a prize from arts and letters. he went on to perform at the white house in the clinton era. reed graced the stage in the shadow of seven world trade after the attacks of 9/11 and
campaigned against the second iraq war. friends and those inspired by his music say if his death they've lost a song writer and poet. >> on the road to adulthood there was a detour called the guitar highway. a lot of people get on the guitar highway they don't come back. >> reporter: his agents said he died after complications related to a recent liver transplant. lou reed was 71. in los angeles, dominique di natalie. ten years after the deaths of two children by a dui driver, family and friends pay tribute. and how they hope new legislation will prevent the same tragedy. plus texting while driving against the rules in most places but punishment can depend on where you live. a new study that shows one place
a woman was hospitalized this afternoon with major injuries after a crash. it happened at 11:55 p.m. the highway patrol say it is driver crashed into a tree near black hawk club drive. she was taken to john mere medical center and has not been
released. officers conducted a dui check point from 8:00 8:00 last night to 3:00 in the morning. they cited five people for driving without a license or driving -- if you get caught in alaska, be prepared to pay $10,000 and spend a year in jail. one study says that drivers are 23 times more likely to crash if they're texting. other research shows that texting is now the leading cause of death for teenagers. >> that include tweeting. the new york stock exchange performed a test run of the
release of the ipo. those problems are said to be one of the big reasons the new york stock exchange won the trade instead of the nasdaq. cnet reports the building could be a new floating center. a similar structure is entering construction across the country in maine. so far google hasn 't confirmed or denied that the barge is theirs. that was 49ers running back frank gore scoring the first touchdown today. the niners had been there all week and today they played the jacksonville jaguars before a huge crowd. coming up later in sports wrap
we'll have highlights. a mother and four children stabbed and killed. tonight what we're learning from new york police about a family member in custody for ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪
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police in new york city say a family member has admitted to the stabbing deaths of a mother and her four children in brooklyn. the police chief said the family members were killed last night with a butcher knife. the children two boys and two officials ranged in age from one to 9 years old. investigators identified the suspect as a 25-year-old immigrant from china who they say is the cousin of the dead woman's husband. they say they don't know the motive for the killings. indiana university police have arrest add man.
a student and another man got into a fight with another student outside the university apartment complex. one of the suspects pulled out a knife and reportedly stabbed the victim in the back. that prompted a message to all the students that an armed suspect was on the run. an investigation into an accident at the north carolina state fair. people were getting off of that ride called the vortex when it suddenly started going again. five people were thrown off and injured. they arrested 43-year-old timothy ruterford. >> we have found that that ride
was tampered with and compromised. >> reporter: authorities haven't exactly said what was changed on the ride but more investigations are possible. singer chris brown is facing a new assault charge for a fight in washington, d.c. the 24-year-old musician was arrested after an earl he morning altercation that sent one man to the hospital. brown was in dc for a performance in a downtown club. he's still on probation for the 2009 beating of his on again off again girlfriend rihanna. people who live near a landmark site say it's causing problems for neighbors. those who live along the trip below that 45-foot tall letters say sight seers ignore traffic laws. park in their driveways and jam roads in the area. not everyone is sympathetic. >> it is a public street and anybody that moved in theory should have realized this is a very popular place. it's a place where people like
to come and take pictures so it's kind of like somebody that buys a home near a rail line then complains about the noise of the trains. >> that famous sign was built as a promotion to sell real estate. so far there are no plans to restrict access in this area. new at 10:00, today marks a decade since two siblings were tragically shot and killed along a road in danville. today 10 years later, family and friends came together to remember 10-year-old troy and 7- year-old allana pack. the siblings were hit by an impaired driver a woman who had three previous dui convictions and driving with a suspended license. and for the past decade, the family has made it their mission to try to stop
tragedies like theirs. >> reporter: alana releases a butterfly to remember the siblings she never knew. >> i want to use these few moments to remember the kids and you know in as happy way as we can. >> we hope to see them again one day in heaven. >> reporter: bob pack has channeled his anger to help others. and today he launched a campaign to stop doctor shopping through a website he built. >> it never goes away, i don't think it's ever going to go away. you just learn to live with the ache. >> reporter: carmen pack says
that she is where she is today because of the help. on behalf of her childhood friends lost too soon. >> because she never got the chance to. so like, it gives more meaning to what i do, i kind of do it for her. in danville, patti lee. it started out as a fun night ended with violence. >> bullets fly through this vallejo neighborhood leaving eight people shot. one of them dead. how one neighbor tried to help the victims. >> plus a man who bought his home at an auction now says he
it was supposed to be a fun night out instead it ended in
violence. eight friends own their way to party shot in vallejo and one of them was killed. the victim who died was just 19 years old. it happened on princeton avenue. the trouble started with a flat tire. >> reporter: bullets blew through the back of this pick up. other rounds pierced a garage door. the gunshots just kept oncoming. >> i just heard like 20 something gunshots and i just stayed in the house. >> reporter: after the shooting stopped last night, eight people had been hit. a 19-year-old man with a bullet wound in his chest died at the scene. >> he had a light pulse. >> reporter: but this neighbor a nurse did everything she could to save his life. >> he was gasping for air. >> reporter: she was too nervous to show her face but says she ran outside and started giving that man cpr before the ambulance arrived. >> i have my own kids. what if it was one of them.
i was just trying to help a human being. >> reporter: the friends came to vallejo for a party driving in four different cars. one of those cars got a flat tire. surveillance video shows a line of cars pulling on to a side street where the friends worked to change the tire. minutes later a white suv pulled up and someone inside started shooting at the group. >> police aren't sure if there was any sort of an argument or words exchanged before this gunman opened fire. lieutenant robinson said the motive in this case is a mystery and the number of victims unheard of. >> i've been working here at the police department for 40 years and i've ever experienced a single incident where eight people had been shot. >> reporter: today a memorial grows. a night of fun that ended in
violence. alex savidge. one person is dead and others injured in sacramento. police say it happened outside an illegal party that was being held in a studio when a car pulled up and someone inside opened fire. those wounded are expected to recover. police have not released the identity of the man killed. investigators say the promoters did not have permits to throw such a party and may face charges. crime scene investigators today poured over a roseville neighborhood the scene of a shooting on friday. people who live in the neighborhood are trying to return to normal life after scores of police poured through their streets and yards looking for samuel duran. this man suspected of shooting several police officers and a federal i.c.e. agent. before duran sur rended a neighbor said he tried to hide in his yard. >> i was sitting there watching tv, watching the whole thing happened. i noticed somebody crouching down in my back patio and i recognized him. >> reporter: neighbors say
they're having problems dealing with feelings of fear. experts say those feelings are normal but if they start feeling overwhelmed, they should seek help. fire and medical personnel from across california have been taking part in the event called urban shield. that event began on friday and includes 54 different emergencies at locations all across the bay area. the training will help prepare emergency responders for just about any situation imaginable. the university of california will begin talks that could end up in a strike. the union accuses uc of trying to intimidate its members. if workers approve a strike there's no word on when that strike may start. there's word tonight of more troubles inside the
affordable care's website. a spokeswoman confirms there's a problem and part of the networking service provided by verizon. a verizon spokesperson says the person is working to fix the problem. the site is down for maintenance until early tomorrow morning. a year after superstorm sandy decimated parts of the east coast some towns are still trying to recover. tuesday marks the fourth an -- anniversary of that storm. the storm caused almost $70 billion in damage. homes in the small community of fortiskue were destroyed. but a year into the recovery, the governor says their town hasn 't seen much money to rebuild. >> it just seems like it takes forever to get just a little tiny piece of the pie. >> reporter: bigger resort towns along the jersey shore have received billions in recovery money but it's
estimated it will take billions more to help restore the hardest hit communities. doctors from -- new research suggests a possible link between high blood sugar and memory. people with blood sugar levels at the high end of a normal range didn't perform as well on memory tests than those with lower sugar levels. no one in the test were diabetic. the results were published in the journal of neurology. a michigan man said he bought a house in auction and it came with a stash of
pornography. when he went to check the property this weekend he says he found a stack of child upon inside. the man says he called 911 immediately. >> i have seen a lot of bad things and i will never want to see something like that again. it's horrible. horrible. i don't want the house anymore seriously. >> reporter: he says he considers the whole house to be a crime scene and he isn't touching anything. detroit police are now investigating. all the workers seem to be happier with their jobs and younger colleagues an associated press study shows that nine in 10 workers age 50 or older are some what or very satisfied with their jobs. researchers say about 38% of young adults feel satisfied compared to about 92% of those 65 or older. they say many stay on the job because they want to not because they have to. plus they say the findings are universal for gender, race, educational level and income. thousands of school
children got a start on halloween. the event that got them in their costume a few days
its was awesome. that's a military pilot. part of the halloween parade in oakland tonight. costumes ran the gammoth from a lion to a tiny little tiger right there. the event is great for the neighborhood. >> it just brings all of us together. it fosters community and lets people know about the businesses in their area.
>> about 50 businesses took part handing out candy to the little trick or treaters. and after the parade, a story teller told the kids a spooky story. >> do you have your costume ready? >> no i don't. i haven't even thought about it. let's check in with mark tamayo. gusty winds, you can see the camera behind you shaking. >> the camera is getting a work out this evening. the forecast is shaping up nicely as we head into halloween. we have the high winds out there. producing showers out toward the sierra. we're going to have a chance of a light shower here in the bay area for tomorrow. as we mentioned earlier a wind advisory in place. this one fired at 3:00 in the morning. this in place for most of the region. although i will mention san jose over the last hour reporting stronger winds over 20 miles per hour. everyone -- even the winds picking up in some of the
places as well. here you see some of the sustained winds. oakland 38 miles per hour out of the west sustained. santa rosa a completely different story here. only 3 miles per hour as i mentioned san jose winds out of the west at 15 miles per hour. half-moon bay northwest wind at 12 miles per hour. as far as outside right now we do have partly cloudy skies. the clouds have been building up a bit. here are the live cameras. there's that flag getting a bit of a work out as well. winds easily topping 25 miles per hour. first thing tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures pretty chilly up in the north bay. santa rosa 40. antioch at 47 degrees. here's our forecast model showing you the cloud cover. you can see a little bit of activity out here.
look what happens the coverage some what on the increase down toward the santa clara. we're still going to hold on to that chance for tomorrow night and into early tuesday morning. so here's the area of low pressure. this will be a big weather maker for a big part of the country. there's the chance of a shower and winds in general right around 15 to 25 miles per hour. as far as the sierra look what happens tomorrow. as a rule we have a went -- as a result we have a winter weather advisory coming in. not a big change, upper 50s to lower 60s. right around 57 to 60. warmest location 62 to 63. tomorrow easily the coolest day of the week. san francisco 58 degrees. here is a look ahead your five day forecast with your weekend
always in view. morning clouds for tuesday. the chance of a sprinkle out there. morning frost possible first thing wednesday morning. here is the halloween forecast. it's looking just fine as we mentioned partly cloudy skies. a look ahead your five day forecast with your weekend always in view. cooling off by sunday. but heather and ken good news. at least there's an end in sight with the wind. especially by tomorrow morning it should back off. today was the 19th annual day of the dead celebration at the oakland museum. the event featured performances by the aztek dancers and other performers. that includes the work of nine visual artists that focus on the connection of the human and
nature and the living and the dead. which player said he would love to play in london? >> also a history at farmers, we make you smarter about insurance.
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goes. 93yards. terrell pryor set an nfl record. it's the longest run by anyone in raider history. 93yards people. darren mcfadden. mcfadden ran for just two tds last year he matches that total today. run d.m.c. decides to run a four yard score. raiders offense fizzled in the second half. raiders defense sizzles. he also sacks big ben five times today. less than 90 seconds late in the game. steelers need a two point
conversion. emmanuel sanders with the steal. but, raiders run it down to the final 18 seconds. steelers need a miracle and there's no immaculate reception this time. following a bye they're 3-4 over all. steelers hurt themselves by missing a 32 and 35-yard field goal. he was intercepted twice but he also ran for 106 yards. and oakland they're not 3-4. >> i believe as a team we played great. as a second half in the defense stuck their nose and played a great defense. you talk about team whether we have to score 40 points or the defense has to stop the team when we're not playing very well. there's different ways to playing a game. we ended up stepping up high in the first half and the defense
finishedded the game. >> we made sure we harassed the quarterback and we were able to do it. and the biggest thing, in the fourth quarter we were able to finish it. and michael vick may not get to play the game. it was up to barkley and barkley was bad. real bad. philly brings a 3-5 record to oakland next sunday. in london, jacksonville jaguars didn't have many happy memories. even the mascot came up bare
today. quick and easy 75 yards. not tackled in this 19-yard score. scored twice today. collin kaepernick is healthy and that means he's mobile, agile and hostile. he get there is. 12yards worth six points. kap ran for 55 yards. another possession. just because he could, kap goes off tackle. busts through a couple of defenders. it was 28-0 before the jags could say blind me. 35-0 early in the first when the defense shines. lewis makes his own catch in the game. but patrick lewis forces the fumble. scuta there he goes down the line. scores the fumble return. 49ers beat the winless jags. they've won five straight
scored at least 11 points and now they have a bye week before carolina comes to candle stick. >> we're starletting to hit our groove. but this is one of things when you don't want to fall asleep. you want to maintain. that's one thing we have to contribute to. >> i love the city. man if i had an opportunity to move here i would. >> so you would play for a franchise if there would be one here one day? >> i would, i would. johnson made 14 catches for 339 yards. the second most receiving yards in a single game in nfl history. the lions trailed by six. stafford to megatron again.
the lions beat dallas. and dez bryant throws another tantrum. today at kc against cleveland alex smith was sacked six times. smith plays to mccluster and makes the touch. chiefs win 23-17. they start 8-0 for just the second time in franchise history. denver goes on to win they're 7-1. arizona beats atlanta. drew breas throws five more catches. andy dalton throws five touchdowns. the packers are 44-31 winners in minnesota. there was no way tonight's game four of the world series could match last night's finish but it was wacky enough. but today a bay area product got nominated for mayor of boston. big papi went 3-3 tonight. who does he think he is hunter
pence. plus the pitcher's act buckled. held st. louis to 5 innings. cardinals 8-0. jonny gomes is 0- 9 in this series. then in this 8th inning. how about a 3-run homer after manis. gomes puts boston up. beard power baby. ricky colton, that's it. that's all. the first time a world series game ends on a pick on. boston wins 6-2. game five is tomorrow on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 5:00 p.m. we know for sure now the game will
san jose has more victories and more points than any other nhl team and they strike faster than well the blood thirsty sharks. made 28 saves today at iowa. rookie thomas did it again. hurdle scores his eighth goal in the second minnesota of the third period. the puck goes right through the legs of senators number 77 joe korver. they add another in the first period. stewart takes a shot. there's no look back. pander beats craig anderson. it's 2-1 late in the first period when sharks score a low handed score. there's tommy wingel picking up
the garbage. san jose looks so much intune right now even in the road. watch them connect the dots here. now just three more races left in nascar's race for the cup right now it's a two way tie in the standings. jeff gordon just threw his helmet into the ring. after kenseth finished second. purr cay gets -- murray gets into busch, busch slams into martin. these guys were not going to get into the race. jeff is just 27 points back of
the leaders kenseth and johnson with three more races remaining. stanford football team moved up from sixth to fifth. they're now 7-1 headed toward their class with second ranked oregon thursday november 22nd. here's your options, college park against 7-1 north gate. 7-1 hercules at swett. has lo maas at miramonte. and we hope mark viviano can make it home from london because there's a storm in england. >> breaking news. thank you for joining us. we have the very latest on the advisory in effect for most of
the bay area. in fact, we're getting reports of pretty treacherous we all have our little tricks.
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